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Abagana Welfare Union, USA Inc.
Wishes to thank Everybody that made this Convention Successful

Ejike Okonkwo
Dr. Ejike Okonkwo, President AWUA NJ/NY

Welcome address by the President of New Jersey-New York chapter of Abagana Welfare Union

Dear special guests, AWUA members, and friends of Abagana,

I am delighted to welcome you to this fundraising gala on behalf of New Jersey-New York chapter of Abagana Welfare Union in the Americas. As some of us here already know, today marks our eleventh national annual convention as well as our eleventh annual gala night in the United States. Although we have been having our gala for the past ten years, tonight’s event is uniquely different. It is unique because our fundraising tonight is centered wholeheartedly on the first stride of the journey of life. 

As we all know, the journey of life starts with birth. Hospitable and inhospitable environmental conditions at the instance of a person’s birth usually impact the person’s overall wellbeing in life. In view of the aforesaid, we took it upon ourselves this year to continue to raise funds for all necessary infrastructure, medications, medical equipment, and medical paraphernalia, for the labor ward at Abagana Maternity Hospital. These efforts are geared towards helping to ascertain that children born in the labor ward at the said maternity will be born healthy as well as to see that their mothers are in good health after delivery to be able to care for their babies.
Ladies and Gentlemen, as we seek your financial support for our project this evening, I wish to assure you that we have other things for you too. We will overwhelm you with fun, entertainment, and conviviality tonight. DJ Menax Jam is in charge of music and entertainment tonight. Palatable food and drinks of all sorts will be served. Every waist will shake. Every leg will move. Every face will beam. Every heart will be thrilled. Every ear will be mellowed. We hereby promise you a compendium of jollity tonight. 

Once again, you are all welcomed to this special occasion.

Dr. Ejike Okonkwo
(President of New Jersey-New York Chapter of
Abagana Welfare Union in the Americas


Walter Adiche EjikeandEjike
(l) Walter Adiche Boston Mass. Branch (AWUA) (r) Dr. Ejike Okonkw NJ/NY AWUA Chapter Preident and Ejike Nibo National President AWUA

Dr. Cyril Nwako (Ichie Ezenwude Abagana) moderates AWUA event

Dr. Nwachukwu Anakwenze (Okaa-Omee) National President ASA_USA Chaired the AWUA event
Ogugua Ezidiegwu
Abagana women dance led by Mrs. Ogugua Ezidiegwu
AnakwenzeIwelumo AnakwenzeOgbona
(l) Guest Ken Iwelumo (Albo of Onitcha Ugbo) and Anakwenze (r) Dr. Justin Ogbonna of Songhai Charities greets Anakwenze
Sea Adibe
Chief Julius Sea and Dr. Mrs Joana Okafor Sea (Ogalanya-Nwanyi) (r) Dr. Sebastian Adibe founder of Songhai Charities with Dr. Chris Ezekwueche (Ichie Ugochinyelu) AWUA 1st National president and member Georgia branch
(l) Chief Alex Iheke (Opiegbe Igbere, Abia State) Publisher Igbo Basics and (r) Dr. Nwachukwu Anakwenze (Okaa-Omee)

Some of the members of Ifeatu Ifediche Anambra Women of NJ Inc. who showed up in numbers to support AWUA

Ndi Abagana National Town Union in USA  has decided to support the ASA USA Medical mission team to Anambra State with the amount of $1,500.00 dollars.

The good news came out from New Jersey today where they are having their National Convention.  Great thanks to their National President Dr Ejike Nibo who promised to convince the good people of Abagana to support the ASA USA MEDICAL MISSION TO ANAMBRA STATE.

Biko, Ndi other towns union in USA, OZUBULU, NNEWI and ABAGANA has answered the call, Your support to the medical mission team to travel to Anambra State will definitely SAVE AND PROLONG LIVES OF YOUR BROTHERS ND SISTERS so BIKO do the right thing DONATE TO THIS WORTHY MISSION. GOD WILL REWARD YOU ALL.

Ndi Abagana's generous donation will go a long way in helping the 2007 ASA USA Medical mission team to achieve their goals which focuses on traveling to Anambra State to PROVIDE FREE MEDICAL SERVICES TO THE PEOPLE. The Medical team and the people of Anambra State will ever be grateful to them and pray that God will reward them abundantly